Henry Pearle Morrison was born in 1839 in Illinois. He came to California in the 1850s. By 1860 he was living in Cherokee, Butte County where he tried his hand at mining. In 1862 he married Kate Derick. Soon after in 1863 a daughter, Imogene Morrison, was born followed by another daughter Kate in 1865. In 1868 a son, Frederick, was born.  By 1872, Henry was operating a saloon in Cherokee. The following year in 1873, Amy Morrison, the subject of this presentation, was born. Apparently in 1883, Henry decided to change professions because he purchased the Cherokee to Oroville stage line. He also added a stage line to Yankee Hill. By 1886 he added a stage line from Cherokee to Chico.  In 1888 Henry's son Frederick purchased the Oroville to Gridley stage line. Prior to that he had driven stages for his father. About 1892, Amy Morrison started driving stages for her father. In 1893 when her father was ill, Amy managed the Oroville to Cherokee stage line operation. It was reported that when Amy drove stages through Morris Ravine on the way to Oroville, she would encourage the passengers to sing songs along the route. In 1893 Henry sold his stage business and moved to Covelo in Round Valley, Ca. Amy Morrison is one of only three known female stage drivers in California's early history. Amy Morrison is the cousin of Anna Morrison.

Amy Morrison

Butte County Stage Driver

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